Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Beginning

Welcome everybody to my kiteblog – the way to get stoked!
As you see kiteboarding is my passion and this for I moved to Tenerife 2 years ago, looking for good kite conditions, all year long.
In my blog I want to share my experiences along with fotos & videos to show you what kiteboarding means to me. I want to take you to several spots and also show you my kiteboarding progression. Currently I am kiteboarding for 3 years, training for my personal goals & also for upcoming competitions.
We had some good condition the other day with perfectly flat water & sunshine in my hometown El Medano. Also I was in good company on the water with my friends Alex, Sascha, Robert & Luga. Everybody was well powered on 9 & 12m² and in knee-deep water we could make some shots with the cam. Take a look at some photos they took and stay tuned for an upcoming video...