Saturday, October 23, 2010

looking for new spots

 Living on an island doesn’t mean you can go kiting everywhere. 
This is why we constantly look around in hope to find “the secret spot” around the corner. In Tenerife the trade winds blow 240 days/ a year from north-east. This suits perfectly for the main spot El Medano (side onshore) & also la Tejita (side offshore). Both spots are well known, so we took a trip around the island too explore other corners with no crowds. Check out some fotos…

I bet you didn’t know that Tenerife & the canary’s are one of the best places to go kiteboarding, all year long. You can measure your self in different conditions (waves, flat-water, chop) & for sure strong winds, starting 15-40knots. This for, you might not always get that expected freestyle or wave condition. But if you go with the flow you can experience a lot of styles, riding different boards, making you a strong rider!

Unfortunately this particular day we had no wind. The only way to get stoked was to drop into this point-braking wave in Puerto de la Cruz & go bodysurfing. Alex & me went for it and had a good one catching some rollers! After this we went on & guess what…???...found an old monster leguan. This animal was so amazing, just sitting there, soaking up the sun. It was really calm so we touched his back, which it enjoyed. In the end we drove west till we reached the most far point of Tenerife, easy to find for the big lighthouse. It’s an amazing place & from here you can draw a straight line, 6112km offshore, ending up in Miami, USA. Here we watched the sunset. The sky was coloured in warm red as well as the huge cliffs that were surrounding us.
One day is not enough to find out everything, for sure not. And while I write this my friends Alex, Sascha & Robert are still out there driving and searching. Were gonna keep an eye on this and let you know! 


María José said...

WOWWW Flo, loved the IGUANA (orange monster), me encantaaa, muy buenas fotos y descripción :), leyendo tu blog más ganas de volver por allá me dan!, un besooo!

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