Saturday, October 30, 2010

surfing the north shore

When there is no Wind near you might score a little surfing session.
This is what I thought the other day while driving to the north airport of Tenerife. Lately I’m getting a lot into it and this winter there is going to be nice swell for sure. So we went to “Bajamar” which is located in the north shore of Tenerife. In this corner you have huge green cliffs on one side & the sea on the other. We always say it’s like Hawaii, going down there.

You can choose between various waves along the beach but its all packed with huge  stones. I went in & played for a while at the main spot. Then we decided to go over to a hidden sand beach and check out the location. It’s quite hard to get there with no path to follow as it is protected from the outside. But once there, it’s nice, fine sand and only a small number of people. We were pretty lucky with the conditions as there was a nice beach brake rolling in. Of course we went for the waves. Check out some material we took together…


bastien said...

Really cool Report Florian ... Well done

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