Monday, November 22, 2010

introducing Island Productions

I’m proud to tell you about what’s behind the videos & photos on my blog. It’s our new label Island Productions! The heart of Island Productions is a bunch of friends who like producing photo & video material about sports, trips & nature. Basically all of them are involved in sports like kite-boarding & surfing. It’s Sascha Bosse the guy I started kiting with 3 years ago, Alex Jaschinski another kite-surfer & fan of mother-nature, Robert Geringer the man with the overview and me Florian Scharscher. Around this a lot of people are riding with us and putting their part to it.

In this constellation we do have certain roles but in the end we do all the work together. Weather if it’s changing position from the water to the camera, cutting & editing or getting graphic works done. We try to get all those ideas together and use them to our advantage. It’s all one.

In the future Island Productions is gonna power me on my blog with photo & video material. And this for I am really thankful! Our plans are simple. We want to get you boys & girls out there stoked for life. Every now and then you can see a movie or a photo that gets you high. And this is what Island Production is trying to do. We want to make you want to go out there, grab your board & kite and rip it up, no matter what skills you have! This is our plan. Check out the brand new website


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