Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ready for 2011 hooked me up with some brand new Liquid Force Hifi  comp kites. The new kites 7-9-13m² are gonna follow me in my training sessions, free-riding, travelling & upcoming competitions.

For me the 7m² kite, for example, is the most used kite in hammering condition that we often have. I’m using it for big kite loops as well as for wave-riding and if the conditions allow freestyle. The 9m² kite is the basis for me, everywhere. This kite does it all, especially freestyle hooked & unhooked, it’s gonna be my most used kite. Then the 13m² is a good kite to make the light days fun & also try new moves as the consequences are not so big, as you are not so powered. I can see my progress growing every year when I change my kites. Looking back to last year I did some unhooked raileys, frontrolls and backrolls. When I changed my kites I pretty much progressed to do raileys to blind & backrolls to blind. At the moment I am working on a few tricks, slim chance, kgb, blind judge & backmobe.

I don’t know what it really is that makes you want to land those tricks. Maybe the feeling while you are spinning in the air (in control or out of control), maybe the moment you land it for the first time. It feels great and you wanna do it again and again and again…
This is why I’m really happy for the new material and this for I want to thank you Armin from for your support. Thanks!

Thanks to David!


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