Monday, December 6, 2010

kite stacking

This is all about a little project I always wanted to do!
To attach one kite to another is called kite stacking. I heard rumours about it but couldn’t really find any further information. In fact the only thing I knew, is to try it with similar kite sizes and in predictable (light) conditions. I was talking to my friend Alex and Robert about it and we were lucky enough to have 2 equal kites in size & model. Check out following material about our first try…

Kite Stacking - El Medano - Island Productions from Robert Geringer on Vimeo.
To hook you up with further information, it went like this. The bigger size kites seem to work perfect for this. A huge kite is slow, this prevents nervous behaviour and also the best conditions seem to be around 5-12 knots. We used 4m line extensions and attached them to the original connecting points of each kite. The result was pretty nice, stable and strong. To launch was easy with 2 friends, to re-launch, I guess impossible.

For sure kite stacking will never be main-stream but its easy to do and a lot of fun in light conditions! Still you need some skill and be precise on what you are doing. Ride safe!


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