Monday, February 28, 2011

back on the water

I had a break of 3 weeks before I could be back on the water. 
The first one I spend in bed couldn’t walk and my brain felt like fish-soup. In the second week I started walking. Then in week 3 I began with the rehab, visiting a very good physiotherapist and friend of mine, Juan. I went to see him with my friend Alex who has injured his knee ligaments. I can say he did a great job; all the tension in my hip is gone.

Since a week the wind is blowing, at least with 20-30 knots and I didn’t miss a single day. I was already doing some freestyle, the same stuff that brought me into hospital. It was good to break through this barrier and not be stopped by fear. The rest of the week I was really focusing on the waves. Surfing in las Americas  in the morning and kite-surfing the rest of the day. For this I used one and the same board, my 6.2 Liquid Force Quad which is a multi talent. We had a little bit of swell coming into el Medano but most waves have been brought by the wind. For next week the forecast is looking good too. We have swell and wind coming in, so I am going to be training every single day, till my hands say “no more Florian”.


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