Friday, March 25, 2011

off to wave contest in Marocco

Hey everybody!
Lately i have been preparing things for the upcomeing PKRA contest in Marocco, Dakhla. I`ve been on the water when ever possible, training for the waves and on the flat days doing freestyle. Also i worked out a bit in Que Fuerte fitness club, did some mountainbikeing and eating healthy. Its the first time since studying that i have been preparing myself for something like this and its kind of funny. But i think thats the way i have to do it and now its time to put it on the line and go for it. This sound pretty serious but I´m really looking forward to the trip, the contest and the stoke! Its a huge possibility for me to see another country and ride with some nice and heavy talented people. During the wave training we captured some footage and i could not leave without making a little video for you guys, check it out...

When i´m on the road i want to keep you guys updated about whats happening on the contest scene and on the spots. When ever i can get internet access and my bone allow to, i`m going to tell you whats happening. I´m going to meet up with some friends and hopefully release a sick little video about riding these places. Stay tuned for Marocco, Dahkla where i will have 3 days freeriding before the contest starts, Mar-29-2011 - Apr-02-2011.
See here some additional shots from the makeing of the video, enjoy...


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