Friday, April 8, 2011

17th in wavecontest Dakhla

I ended the 1. tourstop of the PRKA on the 17. place in Marocco. There was no internet, this is why it comes late. I've been staying in "AUBERGE DES NOMADES" which was nice. Now we are in Lanzarote for the 2. tourstop and i am going to push it on this contest.

X Friday 25.03 Left Tenerife with Boris Judin, for Gran Canaria and finally Dakhla. We managed to get a good deal on our luggage and got there by a small airplane, slightly bigger than a car with 20 seats. We arrived at our camp "OBERGE DES NOMADES" and everything was perfect and relaxed. We had good food and big expectations on the next day.

X Saturday 26.03 Woke up this morning pretty keen to go out, the wind was on. Nice breakfast and then straight on the water. We went to the speedstrip whit flat water and 7m kites all day long.

X Sunday 27.03 Ready for some wavetraining. Went with a bunch of guys to the wavespot with headhigh and overhead waves, down the line, all day.

X Monday 28.03 Kind of the same like the day before. Wavetraining, the waves had decreased a bit but still nice, headhigh and 7m kite. 2. sick sesion in quallity waves.

X Tuesday 29.03 Day of the registration and my friend Bastien Bollard arrived. Went again to the wavespot with more dificult condions than the days before.

X Wednesday 30.03 1. competition day, singel elimination, waves had decreased more, still on 7m, i was in the first heat agains a local guy, Amani. It was a close one and he made it. Ended the day with freestyle in front of our lagoon.

X Thursday 31.03 2. competition day, double elimination, on 13m, in heat 6 i went against Romeo but didnt make it. Went to the camp with a minimum of energy, ready to recharge the batteries.

X Friday 01.04 Freestyle all day in the lagoon in front of our home, landing some solid blind judges and slims.

X Saturday 02.04 Freestyle all day long and than chilling in the camp.

X Sunday 03.04 In the morning frestyle with twintip in the afternoon with strapless surfboard.

X Monday 04.04 Took the flight to Gran Canaria and further to Lanzarote
That was it from Dakhla. Its a really nice place with nice people and a lot of spots. Would like to go back there and enjoy the mellow atmosphere of the desert and the camp. Talk to you soon from Lanzarote!


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