Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Back on the water

I just finished working for a company which was filming the 2. Part of the “Clash of the Titans” Movie. Because of this I really had to focus on my work for the last 2 months. Unfortunately I could keep up a routine of riding 2 days a week which added an unexpected twist to my progression in kite boarding.

To be the last person on the beach, kiting one hour before dark sharpens your concentration and I focus way more on what I want do. I landed heaps of new tricks and some of them I can pull out consistent now (slim, blind judge, front2blind, back2wrapped…)

Now I have got 3 weeks before I go to Germany to visit my parents with my Baby girl, Marion. We are going to spend one week at the cable park which is in the backyard of Marion’s Mums house. Over there we are going to hit it with our friends before we move on to my dad’s place and do some BBQ´s.

Before we leave i am going to use these 3 weeks wisely for studying and working on some kite products. I think I can develop some stuff so I will give it a try. Later I am going to tell you more about this.

Meanwhile I am forced to stop freestyle at least for this week because of the insane Wind conditions we have with 25-35knots every day. The waves are looking good and yesterday I could already score a good strapless session with head high waves.

Last but not least I want to leave one saying here. It reminds me of the way I left behind and the one in front of me. It’s probably suiting a lot of us…

So you wanna surf? And the waves near the town where you live aren´t half bad. And then you hear about this wave, in a faraway country, with the name you can’t even pronounce. What then? How far are you willing to go? What sacrifice are you willing to make? How good do you really wanna be?


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