Thursday, June 30, 2011

wave session

Whats up everybody? Sommer is here, at least on the canary islands. Its warm and the north-east tradewinds are pumping. We have had good conditions for the 7m kites all week and the forecast is looking good, too.

I have been working every day on the design of some kite products. I did researches on the market, designing drawings by hand and by useing 3D programms. Thats how I spend the last weeks and inbetween I went training. When ever it was too strong for freestyle I went out on a skimboard or surfboard, jumping airs, doing wakeskate tricks and just messing arround. Trust me IT`S WICKED!

Soon we are going to leave for a little trip, visiting our parents and friends and also go wakeboarding. For one week I´m going to be riding at one of the biggest cable parks in south germany. Looking forward to do some 360° off the kickers.

Check out some shots from this afternoons session...


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