Monday, August 22, 2011

Finished the spanish nationals

After we came back from Germany, wakeboarding and visiting our family it was time to prepare for contest. The spanish nationals were held in Tenerife and we had an exciting week. The wind was blowing every day with 20-35kn, with a northly direction, which normally makes it a little bit gusty. I finished 5th in the raceing and 8th in the freestyle discipline.

For me it was the first time raceing and i used a 13m² Hifi kite and a 6.2 Liquid Force, Quad Surfboard. The race was set in a rectangle with 4 buoys. 2 buoys leeward and 2 windward in a distance of about 500m. I had to go arround that cours twice, each heat. Compared to the other guys with "professional" raceing boards it was hard to go upwind as fast as possible but interessting in the same time.

In Freestyle i was on my 7m² Hifi kite, against Alvaro Onieva and Alex Bourney. I was riding confident against them landing, sbend to blind, railey to blind, double sbend and so on. Unfortunatly i got kicked out in the second round, finishing on the 8th place.
In total it was another good experience, and i hope to do it again!

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