Monday, December 19, 2011

Along the bay to Bluerock

I was definitely looking out to do a trip to the local wakepark in Bluerock. It is a 45min drive along the coast and it’s a nature reserve with clear blue water.  We haven’t chosen the sunniest day for the trip but we were keen to get on the water.

After arriving at Bluerock I was impressed how relaxed the place is. I was pretty much the only one on the water; I guess the normal visitors decided to stay home for the cloudy weather. Because of this, the guy operating the cable system told me that he's going to stop the lift in case of crashing. Like this I could get back to the rope and do a waterstart instead of walking all the way back.

The pull of the cable is smooth and relaxed and I was warming up with a few basic tricks. But sometimes you have the worst wipeouts on the easiest moves. I was warming up on the funbox doing a frontside 360 but missed the ending of the trick by 90°, coming in backwards. So far I have taken a few bad landing backwards but this one truly sucked!

After this I went riding a few relaxed rounds before finishing for this day. Bluerock is a nice place and I suppose it’s even better when the sun is out, i am coming back for more. Now I'm looking forward to go kiting at Big Bay next week and I would be pleased to have you following me along the way. 


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