Monday, December 12, 2011

Up the coast to Langebaan

Since I arrived in south Afica i've been working with Patrice and Andre in the Surfstore Africa. I am forming part of their Team, teaching people how to surf, stand up paddle, kitesurf, landboard and organizing weekend trips to nice destination. On my day off i decided to take a little trip up the coast to Langebaan.

We left Capetown, early morning in an old Mercedes Benz with very bad brakes, rolling down the coast slowly. Traveling like this has the advantage of enjoying more of Africas beauty. 

Langebaan surprised us with very good kitesurfing conditions, wind for a 9m² kite, butter flat turquoise water and no crowds, very inviting for a freestyle session. The pictures were taken while we were cruising in the flats or playing around in the little shorebrake.
During this session time was flying by, 6 hours like a breath stroke. With our broke car we decided to drive home before dark, so we ended our session in a little restaurant zipping a milkshake and being stoked about this day. Soon we are going to do a day trip along the coast to Bluerock and go wakeboarding, i would be happy if you follow me along the way!


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