Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Trickbox

This is for those of you guys who are trying to perform a new trick or maneuver. Take a look and see how I and other guys prepare for their tricks, so you can do it yourself!

Selecting the conditions:   You might go and just give it a shoot. I found it more convenient to try hard when the conditions are right! The influence of constant wind and flat water or low tide are huge on our ability to nail difficult tricks. Try to select those days, if possible and go for it when the conditions are right!

Gear:   Riding the right equipment and even having everything set up right, can also make you progress quicker. Let’s say you want to focus on wave riding only, or freestyle. There are several companies like Spleene which are dedicating there kites to waves or freestyle. Keep this in mind when you want to purchase new gear. The same thing for the other components, Boards, Fins, Straps and Harness, you want to adjust everything to your needs.

Physical preparation:   You need to consider your physical ability to prevent injuries and physically perform the trick. Go to the gym and work out, legs, core, arms, everything helps. Also you should always warm up before you go kiting, legs and arms at least. After each session you should consider some stretching which helps from getting saw and stiff. The last step would be to physically prepare for the trick, means to try it on dry. Grab your bar and try to do the trick on land (with no kite), this helps to build up some muscle memory.

Mental preparation:   The Mental aspect is probably the most important in our sport because you can only do what  you can imagine doing. For this reason start watching videos with your desired trick and talk to people about it. Visualization is the key to success. Take a few minutes to close your eyes and picture yourself virtually on the bar riding and performing the trick. Slow down the process and think about every single aspect, what you see, where your legs and arms have to be and also the timing. Repeat the Visualization as often as you can to prepare yourself for the task.

I hope I could help a bit with this brief report. If you like this, share it with your friends so they can step up as well, drop a comment or write me a message!


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