Monday, February 20, 2012

Riding Sharksbay

This time we heard about good conditions, up the coast in sharksbay and decided to try it out. It was full moon and this for a spring low-tide which was exposing all the sandbanks in the bay, giving us some flat sections to play with. 

    We went about 1,5km upwind to reach a nice, little flat water pool which we shared with some sand sharks and bird colonies. 

By the way, sharksbay has its name not by the big whites but by the sand sharks that you occasionally step on to. 

Up there we rode for a while and when the tide was kicking in, it opened up an even bigger playground.

Now we're looking forward to hit the road for another few days as soon as the conditions are right. I'd like to invite you to follow me along the way!


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