Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Aiming high for witsand

The summer is nearly gone in South Africa and the winds are blowing milder. People have been telling me that this year was one of the lighter years, in terms of the statistics. So far I am still enjoying Africa in all its variety.

For weeks we’ve been constantly checking the conditions to find a few days with wind to sneak out of our job and go back to witsand. This place tends to be pretty delicate for its wind direction and you really want to ride there with East Wind. I was well powered on my 7- and 9m² kite, throwing out wakestyle tricks and later busting a few kiteloops. 
We are looking forward to go back at least once before we leave Africa and make it a special experience. I would be pleased if you follow me along the way!


corny said...

BAB - big air biatch! nice content as usual!!!
Greeetz corny

Anonymous said...

holy shit flo..... sick kiteloop!!
greetz alex

Florian Scharscher said...

Yeah Corny, big things were going on. Thank you!

Florian Scharscher said...

Thanks Alex, it definatelly felt good!

Frédéric LAVOINE said...

Hi Florian,

As we are planning to go to South Africa for a kitesurfing trip, shall you help by mailing to me some spots where to have some sessions.



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