Monday, January 7, 2013

On the Hadlow ID

I've been riding the Flexifoil Hadlow ID's for the last couple of months and thought I'll do a personal wrigt up on these kites. You'll find it in the GEAR SECTION of my homepage aswell as information to the Flexifoil Hadlow Freestyle board.
What can I say? As a Teamrider you probably expect me to say the kites are great?!? All I can say is this, I chose Flexifoil as a brand because I believed their products were beyond what I have seen so far. Also I believed that they would suit my riding style and support me throughout my personal progression in kiteboarding. I am happy to say that my expectations are fullfilled and that I'm enjoying these kites a lot!

I wish you guys a great start into the new year and a successfull, windy and healthy 2013!


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