Monday, January 21, 2013

Switch Sessions

Lately I'm getting a bit more into my switched riding side for new tricks. I'm lucky enough to have excellent conditions here in Perth, Australia with Safety Bay and Woodmans Point. At spots like these the only limitation to what you can do is your own imagination. This is why I constantly have to remind myself to go for it a 100%.

To get back to switch tricks; most of us naturally start of doing tricks to our regular riding side. This is what feels most comfortable and after learning a trick succesfully we progress to the next one, same riding direction. I guess it's in the back of your head to try it to your switched side but mostly we stick to what we know best.
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Next time you are out there you'll have the chance to bust out both sides. It's well worth it and mostly you'll get highly rewarded just by the feeling of overcoming your fear. On the other hand it helps you become a more complete rider and learn new stuff.

Here is one on the way... these shoots were taken on my switched side, doing Raileys2blinds, Front2blinds, 313's and NIS. As I went for my very first NIS (Non Inverted Slim Chance), half way through the rotations, stopping, extending one leg to turn direction, I felt this moment of pure stoke!
To my suprise I landed clean but lost the bar (for reason being kite too high). But this feeling, up there, going for it for the very first time, man, it still lasts...


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