Friday, August 30, 2013

At the turncable

Whenever I'm home in Germany there is one special thing I'm look forward to. It's this one thing that never gets old just like riding a kite. The Turncable in Thannhausen is not only a wakeboard park but pure fun. It's setup is pretty sweet with 2 systems next to each other (clockwise and counterclockwise) an additional 2.0 system and an enormous amount of obstacles. Every season they try to improve their feature list and this year it was a slider with a wallride, we called it the banana, shown below. READ MORE...

The best thing about this setup is you can always come up with new ways of riding these obstacles and constantly progress your riding. Likewise I was trying to get back into my riding on the first days, doing 360's of the kickers and working the sliders. Once I got comfortable I progressed to ride higher obstacles and finally add frontside and backside rotation to it. I still find it quite hard to jump on an obstacle, press on one foot and go into a smooth rotation. Guess there will be plenty of time to practice locally in Perth once the new cable park opens it's gates.

We mainly focussed on videography at the Turncable and there's going to be a wake and kite Mixtape release soon. While we were showcasing a little story with our last videos (morning session), the Mixtapes will have a different flavor. We are trying to bring you right into a fun sessions with friends, different riding styles and various board sports like kite, wake and surf. It's going to be exciting so bear with us, the Mixtape is in the pipe.


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