Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer and Winter fitness

Depending on where you are right now it's either summer or winter, in my case winter in Australia. The warm and windy summer seems long gone and my strength and confidents for the harder kite boarding moves fades. Little injuries and cuts took me out for the last 6-7 weeks and during this time the hardest task seemed to be waiting to recover and remaining focussed.

The following workout is the basic for my riding and can be done anywhere, anytime, no machines required. It strengthens me for my day to day riding and keeps me fit during the downtime. Deep inside we all know, if you want to be a warrior you must train.

1. Push up's; 2-3 sets of 10's; hands form triangle under your chest. Push ups strengthen your arms and shoulders which helps to prevent upper body injuries. READ MORE...

2. Crunches; 2-4 sets of 10's (straight); legs angled 90deg; add 3 sets of 20's, if you can (diagonal/ elbow touch knee). Crunches are so important to increase your core strength which helps you remain balanced during take-off and air time. 

3. Pull up's; 2 sets of 10's; find a solid bar and pull yourself up (chin to bar). Pull ups are some of the most important exercises you can do for improving your wakestyle/ handle passes. They will help you dealing with your weight while increasing your pull strength and seemingly lighten up your body. For real die hard fans, try to extend you legs while doing this excercise!

4. Bike/ run/ swim; Cardio exercise will help your endurance and strengthen your lower body’s muscles. 

 I’ll be hitting the road soon visiting Germany, Romania, Austria and Egypt. I think these exercises should set me up for the coming kite and wake sessions. I’m looking forward to ride all these places and sharing the stoke with you. Feel free to follow me on this trip and beyond! 


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