Friday, September 6, 2013

How To: Nollie start

The Nollie start is a nose jump pier start and a nice way to get going at the cable park. It requires timing and balance but once learned it's fairly simple! READ MORE...

At first I was quite dubious about this trick as I thought one consequence of failing it would be to land hard on the starting platform. From watching other riders I figured, if you crash you will always make it into the water. A clean take off and staying balanced during the flight is the key to success as you will figure shortly. This trick is not difficult and when you first land it you will fully understand it's nature and it’ll be self explaining. Here is how you get there!

1. Place your front foot on the starting line and keep your arms bend.

2. As the catch of the cable comes around the corner and you hear the “CLICK” go down on your knees and put all your weight on your front foot.
3. It'll take pretty exactly one second untill the rope starts tensioning. This is where you push off your front foot as hard as possible for the jump.

4. After passing the apex of the trick, gravity will bring your feet back under your body while you pull the bar towards your hip. Keep spotting your landing and bend your knees as you come in.

Finally: Don't hesitate to practice the nose jump movement on dry and ask your cable operator if you are unclear at any point. Also, feel free to send me a mail, I'm open to questions and suggestions!


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