Friday, April 11, 2014

On the road

I've been doing several roadtrips over the last couple of months, following the south western coastline of Australia. It was mainly my partner Marion, Dan, Alex and myself, with our Van's packed up to enjoy unexplored beaches and campfire storie's... READ MORE

We spend our time at places like Augasta with it's beautiful river mouth and Hamilton Bay. Got some great kiting in, jumped of sand dunes, rubbed a stingray's back and filmed for the Mixtape 2. Compared to other film projects we want to show you a good time in the Mixtape. If you watch these videos and get excited to kite and hang out with your friends our mission is complete.

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In a few days we're heading out to another roadtrip to explore the North West coastline of Australia. Our hopes are high to film another segment of the Mixtape which is going to be released in mid Mai. I hope you're enjoying these screenshots from my Instagram (username FLORIANSCHARSCHER) and I'd like to invite you to follow me along the way!


Johannes Jaschinski said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody! A guads neichs w√ľnsch ich Euch aufpassen und gsund bleibm! ....... stay healthy and take care!!!!!

Florian Scharscher said...

Danke Johann, Freu mich!

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