Thursday, June 26, 2014

Night session

The wind is blowing chilly as the winter has finally arrived in Western Australia. When I turned up on my home-spot the conditions reminded me very much of summer days, except the thick wetsuit I was wearing. The wind was southerly, around 20 knots and a new moon low tide made the water nice and flat. READ MORE

In the summer this would have been an average day but now it felt like a gift. I knew I was in for a night session when everyone left after sunset.
The horizon turned into warm colors while I was looking for my landing spot trick after trick. The low tide sucked up the water and left areas dry or exposed the sea weed which I was hitting numerous times. I rode into the dark with the flashlight illuminating the scene for a split second. Sessions like that really make you appreciate good conditions and your equipment. Stoked!

I'm currently working on shaping a kiteboard as an addition to my Moses - Silent hydrofoil. I like handshaping and it was an interesting process with a steep learning curve. If you are interested in board building or want to see a boad build from scratch feel free to check back in a few days for the report!


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