Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Perth season with PKS (Perth Kite Surfing)

After I got back from our trip to Indonesia I was getting ready for the season in Perth. Since I was  happy with the outcome of ROAM I was certainly motivated to work on the next freestyle project during the next months. I felt good about my riding at the start of the season yet one thing was holding me back...

Roam marked the end of my collaborating with FLEXIFOIL after the brand stopped producing the Hadlow Freestyle series with Aaron becoming a part of North kiteboarding. I was one of the last guys to leave the freestyle team, obviously loving the Hadlow equipment for what it was.

I dropped out of Flexifoils international team not only in need of new equipment but the right gear to fill the gap. After trying a variety of freestyle kites I remembered that trustful pull of the Fuel kites that I used years ago in Tenerife. PKS (Perth Kite Surfing) is a board and kite shop thats located in my suburb, Hamilton Hill and is operating at my home spot woodman's point. These guys proudly took a chance and supported me with my gear of choice the Slingshot FUEL's and ASYLUMVISION boards. Shout out to PKS for your support and Slingshot for pushing the C kites year after year!

In the past I've tried several times to shot a freestyle video at one of Perth's prime spots but failed due to unfavorable wind conditions, too much kiting going on, or myself messing it up. It just wasn't happening but this time should be different. Together with my little video fairy we shot A LOT to actually get the odd session where everything lines up in a busy place like this.

As with every project I am very excited to work on this one and share some of the upcoming events with you! Feel free to stop by at my page for a weekly update and if you like these images visit my Instagram (https://instagram.com/florianscharscher/) for a peak into a kite boarders life.


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