Tuesday, July 7, 2015

IN TRANSIT Australia - Germany

My time in Australia is slowly coming to an end after 3 years in WA - Western Australia. I'm stoked that I've found what I came for, great riding conditions balanced with a good life style. The professional opportunities were great and I was lucky enough to work as a project engineer for AFP during the day while performing as an athlete in the afternoon. Big shout out to everyone at AFP for taking a chance in me and the woodies crew for all the good times!

Kiteboarding has send me on a trip for the last 7 years and yet it feels more like a lifelong trip. I've taken the decision to relocate back to Europe to honor what I have found within kiteboarding and use my knowledge to feed it back into the sport. With this in mind but also my family in consideration I've decided to move back and make a new start somewhere, focussing on the sport. There was one thing I always missed in Oz and that was the latin lifestyle which I discovered a couple of years back. There is a good chance I'll end up in Spain/ Canary Islands/ South America but time will tell and I'd be pleased if you follow me along the way. Meanwhile I leave you with these shots of my last session in Perth while I'm in transit from Australia - Germany.


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