Monday, August 17, 2015

Season at the Turncable

Over the last couple of years I've been to the cable park on the odd occasion but kite-boarded almost every day. This year I'm doing quite the opposite as it marks my first full season at the Turncable in Tannhausen. I thought wake boarding is going to help me to stay sharp and I might be able to feed any progression back into my kiteboarding. Further I was hoping to land some of my kite-boarding inverts relatively quick on the cable, boy was I wrong!

Toeside backside 540. 720 by the end of the year?

S-bend, would like to stomp it to blind

I almost look at cable wake boarding as 3 different disciplines, inverts (air tricks on the corners), obstacles (sliders and rails) and kickers (ramps). Each one is both physically and mentally demanding and very technical on top of it. For the first month I was only doing inverts, practicing railey's, S-bend's and backrolls, something I am quite comfortable with in kite-boarding. To get any kind of consistency here you have to know how the cable behaves on each corner, choose the perfect riding line and have your take off and body tensions dialed in. Each of these points is key to overcome gravity, after all you don't get the upward pull like in kiteboarding.

heelside backside 360

Blind judge

I like kickers since you don't have to be all that precise and it's not as tiring as inverts. This applies to the easier moves but once you get into 720's or 900's you better be able to spinn lightning fast whilst controlling your body axis. It certainly is super fun and a good way to practice your frontside/backside rotations in a stable environment. For some guys it's all about hitting sliders and rails which feels like getting into that perfect body position, holding and enjoy it for as long as possible.

Heelside frontside 360

This is a very finesse side of the sport where it's all about balance, speed and precision not overall power. Naturally I'm more into powered air tricks but got drawn into the slider side of things to recuperate my body from just those maneuvers I like to do. Once again sliders is a super fun thing to do, it feels great to be on your ideal body position and absolutely in odd with the moment. I like the fact that there is always something to do, it never gets old on sliders. The Turncable is an awesome spot to hang out with a quality system, really good obstacle and a local crew that is always welcoming and helpful. Big shout to all the operators which helped me progress so far through the season! LINK TURNCABLE


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