Sunday, January 31, 2016

In The Shaping Room: Kite manufacturing

My season in Germany is coming to an end and I've decided to do one more project before I hit the road through Europe. I wanted to build a kite for quite some time to experience the manufacturing process and learn all aerodynamic details and their influences in flight characteristics. With this in mind I made an order for spinnaker and dacron, emptied our basement and pulled out the old sewing machine. During the whole process I was in touch with my friend and autodidact kite designer Karsten Gaebert who has kindly helped me to stay on track during numerous difficult moments. I already had the kite out on several ocassions and I can say I'm pretty stoked how this bad boy turned out. Here is a couple of shots of the building process.


Johannes Jaschinski said...

Hi Flo! Du bist der Wahnsinn! Könntest mir ein neues 6 er schneidern - ich bräuchte eins ! Euch 3en alles Gute jaschi

Florian Scharscher said...

6er Segel...kommt sofort... :-) Vielen Dank Johann!!!

Laxmi Rai said...

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